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Surgical dental work can include the following procedures.  Contact us today with any questions you have.


Wisdom Teeth


Wisdom teeth is another name for 3rd molars. They are the farthest teeth in the back of the mouth and in some cases never fully develop. Dr. Laudie will review your mouth and recommend whether or not your wisdom teeth should be removed. Not all wisdom teeth need to be removed. Typically removal is recommended when there is not room for the wisdom teeth to develop, when they are causing infection, or are compromising the health of the 2nd molars. Talk to Dr. Laudie if you suspect your wisdom teeth are causing you problems.

IV and Oral Sedation 
Sedation is the perfect choice to help you get the dental care you need, especially if you have dental anxiety. Ask Dr. Laudie if oral or IV sedation would be best for you. Dr. Laudie is the only general dentist in a 10 county area that is fully licensed to offer IV sedation.


In some situations teeth are not restorable and need to be removed. Dr. Laudie received advanced training to remove teeth and will ensure that you are comfortable during the procedure. Dr. Laudie will also discuss with you different ways to restore missing teeth.


Dental implants offer the most advanced and durable option for restoring teeth. They are cavity proof and can restore the chewing ability and esthetics of your teeth. Whether you’re missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants can restore your smile and ability to function. Dr. Laudie and his staff will carefully review your situation and recommend what is best for you.

Bone Augmentation

Patients who have been without teeth for a long period of time experience atrophy or reduction in the jaw width and height. To restore these areas to be able to chew and smile, Dr. Laudie may recommend bone augmentation in conjunction with dental implants. Dental implants help stimulate the bone so that atrophy does not occur.


There are several frenula in the mouth, one under the tongue and several attached to the upper and lower lips and cheek. In some cases the frenum attachment is abnormal and can cause the tongue and lips to not function properly. Additionally an abnormal frenum in either the upper or lower lip can cause gaps in the teeth and gum recession. In these cases, Dr. Laudie can perform a painless procedure that releases the abnormal frenum attachment. Talk to Dr. Laudie if you think you have any of these conditions.

Gum grafting to elminate recession

Recession takes place when gums pull away from and migrate down the tooth, exposing the root of the tooth. Recession areas can look unsightly and cause increased wear and sensitivity to the tooth. Dr. Laudie can perform a procedure to restore the gums to their natural height around the tooth.

Soft Tissue Biopsy

Dr. Laudie performs a head and neck cancer screening on all adult patients during their normal recare visits. This is an extra benefit without fee that Dr. Laudie performs for his patients to ensure their health. During this visit Dr. Laudie examines the back of the mouth, the palate, the borders of the tongue, the jaw joint, the neck, and the face. Dr. Laudie will discuss any concerns he has with the patients and in some cases will recommend a biopsy which can be performed quickly and painlessly in the office. Results are usually returned within a week.
There are conditions that do not involve cancer where tissue might need to be removed. A common one is cheek fibromas that develop after biting the cheek. These nodules can become annoying and lead to more frequent cheek biting. Dr. Laudie can remove these quickly and painlessly.

Gum Contouring

There are some situations where the gum tissue around the teeth is not symmetrical. You might be surprised what a difference a little gum contouring can make to your smile.
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